• Spring is in the air and it's time to Par-Tee on the green!
    Join us for our 33rd Annual Golf Classic on Wednesday, May 2nd.


  • Par-Tee Around the World, 2018 Golf Classic
  • Piedmont Healthcare and ClubCorp Present the 33rd Annual Newnan-Coweta Chamber Golf Classic

    Warm temps, fresh, green grass beneath your feet, and an afternoon putting around with some of your closest pals...what could be better? Healthy competition, camaraderie, and rubbing elbows with your fellow Cowetan business men and women - that's what!  We've crossed all the t's and dotted all of the i's in ensuring that we've left no bunker unturned in presenting an exceptional experience in this year's ParTee Around the World Golf Classic.

    Whether you plan to join us as part of a foursome, as a sponsor, or as an exhibitor, these spaces fill up quickly, so don't choke!  Be sure to complete your registration ASAP and send to susan@newnancowetachamber.org.  

    Historically held the first weekend in May, the Newnan-Coweta Chamber Golf Classic is the premier event of the year south of Atlanta.  Attracting more than 200 player and over 400 attendees, the tournament includes ample sponsor and exhibitor opportunities, allowing Chamber members to showcase their business services as an integral part of one of the Chamber's most important non-dues revenue fundraising events.

  • Sponsorship opportunities are HOT and several Chamber members have already recognized the value of participating in this year's tournament by signing on to promote their business services to the over 400 players and attendees.  Some excellent opportunities remain, but be sure to act quickly in ensuring that you take advantage of your ability to put your brand front-and-center at this premier member event!

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

    Opportunities abound to "own" your piece of the 33rd Annual Golf Classic. Reach over 400 attendees and make your mark on anything from hole signs and golf cart placards to your branding on beverage carts and in contests. Contact Susan at 770.253.2270 or via email to learn more about how you can leverage a sponsorship to promote your brand. Ready to commit? Click here to download sponsorship form!

    Expo-on-the-Green Registration

    Show your flair for creativity in participating as an Expo-on-the-Green Sponsor. Expo-on-the-Tee exhibitors gain exposure and recognition for their brand, while enjoying ample face-time with golfers between holes. The ultimate networking opportunity, hole sponsors are uniquely positioned for fun AND productivity!

    We’re going for WOW!! Make plans accordingly to win bragging rights and a $500 cash prize for the most creative display, to be judged based on attire, presentation, props, offerings, etc. (2nd place prize $250). Click here to download the Expo-on-the-Green Registration form.

    Team Registration

    Space is limited and registration fills up quickly. If you're planning to get in the game, do so quickly! Click here to download team registration form!

    Volunteer Opportunities

    We can't pull this off without YOU! Make an impact and have fun while doing it.  Call Cynthia at 770.253.2270 or reach out via email to sign up.


  • Choose from several sponsorship opportunities that remain!



    Gold $5,000 2

    Recognition throughout the course of play, in Chamber print and digital promotions, on Leaderboard, in tournament program, via print and radio ads, and more! Become a Gold Sponsor and enjoy a complimentary Team AND Expo-on-the-Green!

    Silver $2,500 2

    Recognition throughout the course of play, in Chamber print and digital promotions, on Leaderboard, in tournament program, and more! Become a Silver Sponsor and enjoy a complimentary Team or Expo-on-the-Green!

    Ice Box Sponsor $600


    May on a golf course in Georgia.  What is one of the most important commodities?  Why, ice, of course!  Seize this opportunity to interact with golfers as they cool off, replenish, and  network with YOU!  Includes signage privileges, recognition in tournament program, and social media presence.

    Putting Green/Driving Range Sponsors $500


    See more people in a shorter amount of time with one of the best branding opportunities that we offer!  Enjoy signage at your sponsored area, exhibit privileges, business nod on Golfers' map, social media presence, and more.  This is an incredible networking opportunity!

    Expo-on-the-Tee Exhibitors $400


    Limited opportunities remain to join in on the fun as we Par-Tee around the world in the 33rd Annual Golf Classic! Pick your country or region and show off your creative flair as you wow golfers and attendees with an exhibit to remember.  This is a great promotional vehicle that renders you accessible to every player on your course!

    Grill Sponsor $400


    Kick things up a notch as an exhibitor with providing the two things that every golfer depends on - food and beverage!  Grill masters rejoice!

    Contest Sponsor $300


    Who doesn't enjoy a friendly competition?!?!  Own your choice of three contests aimed at showcasing golfers' mad skills when it comes to two remaining friendly contests: Longest Drive and Straightest Drive. Enjoy signage privileges, prize signage at selected hole, and recognition in our tournament program.

    Hole Signage $100


    Enjoy your company name on an eye-catching sign fashioned in the shape of a golf ball!  This is an effective, yet affordable way to own your piece of the tournament! Registering for a team?  Purchase two signs for the price of one!

    Player Package Sponsors


    Your brand, your logo - printed on an item of your choice (prior approval required) to be included in player packages.  Reach each and every golfer with a promotional item that is well-suited to the green!


  • Walternative Toyota of Newnan Golf Ball Drop!  

    Now on sale! Be sure to get your tickets early, as only 100 tickets will be sold.  Tickets are $100 each, with a one-in-one hundred chance to win the grand prize of $2,000.

    To get your tickets call Susan at 770.253.2270 or send an email!


  • 2017 "Walternative" Golf Ball Drop Winners

    Congratulations to Jim Thomasson, grand prize winner of the 2017 Walternative Golf Ball Drop sponsored by Toyota of Newnan! As his prize, Jim received $2,000 cash and two round-trip Delta airline tickets. Jim is pictured (right) with Walt Gutierrez, owner of Toyota of Newnan. 




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