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  • The Newnan-Coweta Chamber’s mission is to advocate for business success and economic prosperity. The ability to function profitably requires laws and regulations that can help rather than hinder business. The Chamber emphasizes local, state and regional legislation primarily, but also monitors national legislation that affects our local businesses as well. As a focused organization with limited resources, we attempt to make progress with activities that are both measurable and achievable. It is with that spirit that the following agenda is presented.




    • Ensure K-12 education funds are invested more efficiently and effectively to improve student outcomes and increase transparency.
    • Improve college and career-ready standards in K-12 public education to promote a more globally competitive workforce.
    • Expand technical college training.
    • Continue to fund Dual Enrollment/ Option B programs to ensure all students have the opportunity to gain a head-start on college courses while in high school.


    Talent Development/ Employment

    • Support the continued expansion of the GACATT apprentice program and other strategically important occupations into new industry areas and regions of the state.
    • Encourage state provision of incentives to communities to help develop apprenticeship programs.
    • Preserve Georgia’s employment-at-will doctrine, to strengthen the state’s right-to-work status.


    Economic Development and Taxation

    • Ensure Georgia is able to grow its economy and maintain its reputation as a leader for global commerce by opposing policies, or the use of symbols that promote discrimination, or would have a discriminatory effect.
    • Promote policies that strengthen emerging and innovative industries and technologies to grow jobs and economic prosperity.
    • Support efforts to strengthen broadband infrastructure in rural communities.
    • Invest in sewer and water infrastructure to support development in Coweta County.
    • Further streamline government regulatory processes, promote incentives for companies investing in upgrading critical infrastructure through the state.
    • Adopt tort reform as necessary to modernize procedures and laws to protect small business from frivolous lawsuits and create safe harbor standards.
    • Support the review of existing tax incentives to ensure competitiveness for business attraction.
    • Support ongoing examination of the current tax base, tax rates and compliance requirements to ensure a Georgia business environment that is fair and competitive – for the state’s current businesses and for businesses considering relocating here.
    • Maintain local control and flexibility for Development Authorities throughout Georgia to remain competitive in efforts to retain and expand jobs; invest with existing business and industry; and attract new business, through constitutional and statutory abilities.
    • Review the proposed state tax reduction relative to the revenue necessary to accommodate economic growth in the state of Georgia.


    Energy and Natural Resources

    • Protect statewide access to sustainable, reliable and affordable energy supplies.
    • Enhance access to high-quality, affordable water supplies and promote investment in critical infrastructure.
    • Ensure future water supply security for communities and businesses across the state.



    • Monitor legislation and ensure the viability of our world-class healthcare in Coweta County.
    • Promote cost containment with respect to employer-sponsored health insurance.
    • Monitor/encourage support for federal government block grant, Medicaid expansion waivers for healthcare money coming to the state.
    • Protect funding for family and children services and mental health systems.


    Transportation and Public Safety

    • Protect current budget expenditures for public safety divisions in the FY 2020-2021 proposed budget cuts.
    • Invest in transportation infrastructure including intersection, road and highway improvements.


    The Chamber further supports the legislative agendas of the Regional Business Coalition, Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Chamber unless it conflicts with the Chamber’s agenda or could dampen Coweta’s business environment.

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